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Soft Tissue Grafting with AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue matrix

Root Coverage results comparable to autologous tissue

AlloDerm consists of a collagen matrix that preserves all the elements necessary for revascularization and cellular repopulation. Multiple prospective human clinical investigations have documented equivalent root coverage results to connective tissue grafts.

Multiple investigations have also documented esthetic results equivalent to autologous connective tissue. 2, 5, 7, 9 AlloDerm serves as a scaffold for epithelial cell migration, thus allowing pigmentation and contour to emulate surrounding tissues.

With AlloDerm you can treat multiple sites in a single surgery. You are not limited by the amount of tissue you can harvest from the palate. AlloDerm gives you an option for treating patients that have inadequate harvestable tissue (due to age or compromised health) or simply prefer not to have a palatal harvest.

Soft tissue ridge augmentation

AlloDerm can be used in a variety of oral grafting procedures such as soft tissue ridge augmentation. A tunnel or pouch may be created beneath the defect into which the AlloDerm can be inserted. If multiple layers of AlloDerm will be used for increased volume, it is recommended that it be layered, rather than rolled. In this indication, it is preferable to orient the connective tissue surfaces on the outside of the graft (sandwiching the basement membrane sides in the middle).